Ideas+Inspiration:Solar Heat

We did a several day trek in the Annapurna Conservation area of Nepal in late October, early November. The area we were trekking was at relatively low altitude (highest point was 3200m) and populated every couple of hours by small villages of a couple to […]

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Community restorative justice and the Rwandan genocide

As part of a several week safari through East Africa, I had the chance to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda’s capital city. Many of us–especially in the West– are likely familiar with the Rwandan genocide from news in the 1990s, or maybe from […]

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Looking Back: South America

It’s amazing to realize that we’ve now been traveling for over four months and have already left South America to begin a few months journey in Africa. To celebrate that time, I’m looking back on the highlights, things I never wrote about and even now […]


Impact Connect: Melting Pot Bolivia

Before we’d even made it to Bolivia we’d been told we had to check out Gustu. We did and were well-rewarded. Gustu┬áRestaurant in LaPaz is a project of Claus Meyer, co-founder of the famous Noma in Copenhagen, set in this sprawling South American city at […]

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Ideas+Inspiration: Nature’s Design

Bolivia has impressed me in so many ways, from its amazing cultural traditions (for example,┬áthis museum for its history of textiles), to its fabulous food (on a global stage, for example,┬áGustu), and overall its stunning natural beauty. When we had the chance to tour the […]

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Impact Connect: El C├íntaro

Earlier this month I spent an inspiring week in Paraguay with Joe Gim├ęnez and Gustavo Diaz of El C├íntaro. El C├íntaro consists of two programs, a gallery for the sale of local and indigenous crafts and a free school, where students of all ages can […]


Impact Connect: Njambre

I had the pleasure of meeting with the Executive Director of the widely-awarded social enterprise Njambre at their coworking space in Buenos Aires. Njambre started three years ago as a business accelerator for other social enterprises in Argentina and the region. After success starting a […]

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Books I’m reading: Argentina+Chile

As we’ve started to plan each new destination I’ve been delighted to find how much there is to be curious about each new place, country, region. The task of “knowing” a place is of course impossible in the short few weeks we will often have. […]