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It’s a bit surreal: we’re a week away from our one way ticket to Chile.

Some of you have asked about the itinerary (to convene with us somewhere? Pleeeeeease. :))

We’ve recently made some changes due to a knee injury and are postponing Patagonia for another time; that’s just to say this itinerary is in flux.

  • Mar 11 arrive in Santiago
  • A week checking out Santiago and Valparaiso and winding down to the Chilean Lake District
  • Cross over to Bariloche for more lake time
  • Late March in Uruguay
  • Followed by Buenos Aires
  • Possible detour to Paraguay before back to the ground travel back West through Mendoza
  • Up Chile through the Atacama
  • Into Bolivia late April / early May for a few weeks
  • Later in May- Peru
  • June- Brazil
  • July- Ethiopia, then Kenya
  • Tanzania, then Madagascar
  • Oct- Nepal, followed by 6 weeks India
  • By land wherever possible through all of South and Southeast Asia
  • End in Australia and NZ, tentatively 14 months from now

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