Hi, I’m Stephanie. To make a long story short: my partner and I are spending the year seeing many of the places we’ve both longed to go. We begin in South America, then head to East Africa, and eventually make our way through South and Southeast Asia, and the Pacific.

I started this blog to share now-and-then reflections on places we travel, things that inspire me along the way, and world literature from the countries we visit.

About me: I’m a sociologist by training. I got my PhD studying community- and mission-based economic structures and have a passion for so many kinds of do-gooders! Perhaps motivated by the same curiosity for the world, I’ve traveled throughout my life, growing up as a nomadic child of a military father and later doing many, often-solo, trips in my 20s. Seeing how others live, the meaning they make of their world, has helped me confront my own assumptions again and again – and I treasure that. I feel lucky to be on a long voyage again, now in my 30s and with my partner.

The blog’s name is from a poem I particularly like, a translation of Rilke by Joanna Macy and Anita Barrows (you can read, hear it here).  I could wax philosophical with you about the poem over a beer some time –shall we? In the meantime, I hope you can come along!

If you’d like more visual updates from the travels, please also follow me on Instagram –> @still_lifes. I post once every day or two on there.


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