Ideas+Inspiration: Caja eco

When traveling internationally one of my favorite things to do is check out the local grocery stores. There’s nothing like seeing familiar foods with unfamiliar names and branding, or new foods altogether. For example,  cherimoya yogurt, or asking the guy in front of you in line what this is. […]

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It’s a bit surreal: we’re a week away from our one way ticket to Chile. Some of you have asked about the itinerary (to convene with us somewhere? Pleeeeeease. :)) We’ve recently made some changes due to a knee injury and are postponing Patagonia for […]

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Readying oneself

When you’re young the institutional world in which you live finds ways of making you stop, recall, and prepare. I used to love the time right before school started again when me– and everyone else I knew– began to ready ourselves for what was soon […]

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